Looking for Money from your marketing firm?

Are You Looking For Something Better?

You spend your hard earned sales dollars on getting more sales. Then your marketing company doesn’t come through with acquiring new clients or even helping you keep your current clients.

The Marketing Lab is different than those other so-called marketing companies out there.

  • We Believe in ROI
  • We Believe in Tracking
  • We Believe in Listening
  • We Believe in Partnering

If your interested in a company that understands your company and your target market please reach out to us. We are not a high pressure agency or a guy working at home, we are a team of excited team members looking to grow your business.

What Do We Do?

Website Design

It use to be you should have a website, now it’s is your website conforming to this confusing “ba-gillion” item list? Sure the Marketing Lab has this list but we have it in real-world and really understandable terms. The truth is we all had to learn about this at some point. We are those kind-of nerds that kept learning but never forgot what it was like to be new at something.

Let us know if your looking to take the mystery out of website development. [link to website page]

Search Engine Optimization

Have you tried to hit a moving target blindfolded? In 2014 Google change their Search Engine Algorithm close to 600 times. That’s more than twice a day. There were 13 major changes to the algorithm also. That is more than once a month. How does any company hit the target?

SEO is about bringing all those smaller keywords to the top to make your site the most relevant over many topics. Ever heard the saying, “tide rises all boats”? This is the same way search engines currently look at the top websites.

Learn about how your website can be the top spot in Search Engines [SEO page]

Reputation Management

This set of $5 knives can’t cut through steel. I want to return them. Let’s face it, not every customer is an elated one. Some customers have unsaid or unrealistic expectations of your business and it’s products and services. The internet let’s anyone with an opinion or idea publish it as many business owners are caught with poor digital reputations that follow them around.

Unfortunately we can’t take the white out to the web and make your business look amazing. What we can do is legally burry those reviews and show off your ability to make customers more than satisfied.

Get a Shovel and let’s burry those negative reviews [REP REV]

Content Marketing

It is What You Say AND How You Say It that makes the difference. Top companies in your industry are consistently publishing new information to reach small niche markets to bring new customers in and help current customers purchase more products and services.

Our content team helps promote your business through outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other places. Our team helps creates blogs, articles, and downloadable content to interact with your customers.

We can help create great ideas come to life. [Content Management]

Need Some Ideas?
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Our Work
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    Throwback Pain Relief

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  • Foamology & Professor Phluff

    Foamology & Professor Phluff

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In The Trenches of Marketing Warfare
What It Seems Like In Business
Had It Up To Here 99%
Productivity 50%
Make Money 60%
Tired of having to do everything for your business? Let The Marketing Lab take a few hard pieces off your plate. We can help you with Acquiring New Customers and Retaining Current Customers.
Get Me Out Of The Trenches
Land That BIG Customer
How do you catch your next big customer? Fishing from the onset seems simple but catching a fish is a very scientific process.

You have to be able

  • Know what your are trying to catch
  • Reach the fish where it is at
  • Attract the right fish
  • Hook the right fish
  • Land the fish in once it is hooked

Learn about our process to put together the right bait and equipment to land those huge fish that you can hang on your wall.

Let's Go Fishing!
Forget Advantage, Win Every Time
Like many business owners you are looking for the absolute advantage to win more customers and retain your current customers. You don’t just like winning, you love it. We can help your business win more often with more customers.

  • Online Strategy
  • In-Person Strategy
  • Follow-up Strategy
  • Referral Strategy

The right strategy will help your team win. Learn more about your marketing advantages and how they will help your winning strategy.

Get The Winning Advantage
King of the Mountain
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